The Orientalist Portrayal of MENASA Cultures in Media

Orientalism is the stereotypical stylization of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and SA (South Asia) that perpetuates harmful tropes and assumptions about us. Unfortunately, this is something that is very common in video games, anime and media in general. For example, as someone who plays Genshin Impact, one of the most popular gacha games, […]

Why Aren’t Neurodivergent-Coded Characters Legitimized?

There is an infamous trend within animated media that seems to ironically both include and erase neurodivergent identities. The trend of ‘x-coded’ characters. Allow me to explain. Many characters within anime, comics and animated media are quite often coded (i.e: are given traits) as either autistic, an ADHDer, dyslexic etc, but the writers will never […]

The Jasmine Road

(Note: This is a story based off of the universe of Genshin Impact and entails of my original character within this existing universe. None of the Genshin Impact content belongs to me. This is simply a story about my OC. Find out more about Genshin Impact here.) Night-Blooming Jasmine flowers were one of many phenomena […]